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[tbl][main]Review section rules[/main]

[title]The options for forum review:[/title]
[tut]Full review -> Expected finished - 1-2 days (Points -> 110)
Basic review -> Expected finish - 12 hours-1 day (Points ->50)
Quick review -> Expected finish 6-12 hours (Points -> 25)
Graphics review -> Expected finish 2-6 hours (Points -> 10)[/tut]

[tut]To post your forum review request you must post this template:

Forum Title:
Forum Address:
Your name on forum:
What kind of review:
Test Account: SENT VIA PM
(By PM -> Full reviews and Basic Reviews)[/tut]

[title]Code for copy[/title]
[b][color=teal]Forum Title[/color]:
[color=forestgreen]Forum Address[/color]:
[color=teal]Your name on forum[/color]:
[color=forsetgreen]What kind of review:[/color]
[color=teal]Test Account: SENT VIA PM[/color][/b]


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[tbl][main]Topic Updated![/main]

[tut]Topic has been updated. Pleasere-read it to see news.[/tut]


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