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YourDesign Templates & Guidelines
Forum Promotion Guidelines
Here are the rules for promoting your forum in this section. Please read them carefully.
- Your forum must not violates the Terms of Service(TOS).
- Bumping your topic without the 24 hours time span is strictly prohibited.
- If your forum is related on illegal hacking, fraud, and drug abuse. Your forum will be refused and thread deleted.

Please follow the proper template when posting your first promotion,

[b]Forum Title:[/b] type
[b]Forum Link/Address:[/b] type
[b]Category:[/b] (what is your forum about)
[b]Description:[/b] type
[b]Language:[/b] type

This template need to be in your promotion pn any place, and can be without questions, but must have tha informations.

Exclamation Note: Any missing information of the template, your proposal will be mark as refused and moved to the Forum archive.
Exclamation Also Note: You must bump your thread (if nothing else, with informations of statistics) every 35 days or your thread will be automatically deleted.
We do that to prevent old and deleted forums in forum promotions
2/3/14 ~ Updated by: Zyon
7/3/2014 ~ Updated by: Zyon

Thank you,
YourDesign Staff Team

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Exclamation If your forum is trashed (archived) you can open new thread or sent message to Administrator or manager for moving your topic back to promotions.


Forum Promotion Templates & Guidelines 1_24Forum Promotion Templates & Guidelines QUzWp
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