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FH Founder
[tbl][main]Forum Rules[/main]

[tut]You need to respect staffs and all members and their work.
But there is one rule what you can't find on lot of forums: Staffs need to repect you too.
If someone don't respect you contact Me or managers.[/tut]

[tut]You are allowed to have just one account or one of them will be banned.[/tut]

[tut]On forum isn't allowed spamming and double posting. Your posts need to be septared at least 24 hours.[/tut]

[tut]Please don't use / upload big avatars. Forum automatically resize avatars in posts, so it will not be displayed, and it use time for load.
Also avatars pornographic, advertise or racist content will be removed and member will get 3 warnings![/tut]

[tut]For now only staffs is allowed to have signatures.[/tut]

[tut]Offical langage of this board is English, so please posting on English[/tut]

[tut]We have warning system from 5 warnings.
First you will get note. Than second note, and that 1 warning, 2nd etc.
5 warnings is ban for one mounths, up to year.
7 warnings is permanent ban.[/tut][/tbl]


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